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1070 Shadwell Station Lane, Charlottesville, VA  22911
Office:  (434) 296-2617        E-mail:  office@MichieContracting.com

Michie Contracting Corporation has operated as a Class A licensed Virginia contractor since 1968. We are prequalified with the Virginia Department of Transportation for street and highway construction, since 1972.

The Company is a family owned corporation with 45+ years experience with a wide variety of excavating equipment.

Our goal is to provide customers with a quality job at a reasonable price.

removing silt from a lake
constructing the road base on secondary road for VDOT
    Michie Contracting offers the following services:
  •   Road Construction (Primary, Secondary and Private)
  •   Lakes & Ponds (New Construction, Cleaning and Repairs)
  •   Site Development (Private and Commercial)
  •   Land Clearing and Excavation
  •   Railroad Construction and Emergency Services.

contructing a dam for a lake pond consruction - completed phase finished 12-acre lake

Contact Michie Contracting:

Office:  (434) 296-2617        E-mail:  office@MichieContracting.com

Class A Virginia Contractor 2701-0110254A

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